Kelleys Island

Kelleys Island Rendezvous Information

We have 17 boats going to Seaway Marina and several people taking the ferry for VBC's Kelleys Rendezvous.  Coordinating this rendezvous is a crack team made up of; Bernie Atkins, Michele Stoffan, Georgann Wachter, and P/C Mike Wachter.  

Knowing we were coming, Kelley's scheduled “Island Fest” for our entertainment.  There will be

  • ·         craft & artisan venders
  • ·         lots of live street music
  • ·         a “Dog Days of Summer” parade
  • ·         street dancing
  • ·         fireworks, an
  • ·         much more. 

As a result, we’ve had to modify our plans slightly and not have a group dinner at West End (they can’t accommodate a group our size.  The last stop of our adventure run will be Kelley's Island Cantina / Winery.  They have snacks, burgers, pizza, and a nice menu and can handle all of us.  Or, you can participate in the last feat of skill, have a drink, and then head downtown for the festivities and food.

GAME PLAN: Plan to arrive in time for cocktails at 6:30 on Friday. Please bring an appetizer to share.  We have a special friggatriskaidekaphobia contest planned for the evening that you won’t want to miss.

Saturday will begin with Bloody Marys and Mimosas provided by power fleet and a pot luck breakfast provided by you. After breakfast, we’re off on a skill-based Wheel of Fortune Adventure Run.  We’ll draw names for teams and each stop will require that each member of your team demonstrate the required skill before receiving their letters.  Yep, its Wheel of Fortune with a twist.  You’ll have to earn your letters, and you get to spell your own word/phrase. There’s a fantastic prize for the winning team and the runner up. You win by spelling Vermilion Boat Club or by spelling the longest word or phrase. Along the way we’ll have lunch at Kelley's Island Brewery 504 W Lakeshore Dr, Kelleys Island, OH 43438. Phone: (419) 656-4335.  Our reservation is for 12:30pm. We’ll wrap up the Wheel of Fortune Adventure Run at Kelley's Island Winery.  Lots of food and beverage here.

Sunday morning we’ll have an awards ceremony and our first ever “Last to shove off” contest. First to leave is a LOSER.  If you’re sticking around, we’ll have breakfast at the former Bag the Moon, now called Peepers 109 W Lakeshore Drive, Kelley’s Island, OH 43438 and maybe a quick golf cart tour of the island.

Arriving by boat, contact Seaway Marina on VHF Channel 16 or by phone at 419.746.2506 and tell them you’re with Vermilion Boat Club. Figment hopes to leave the dock around 11:00 or 12:00am.

Arriving by ferry or car, we suggest one of Kelleys’ many B&Bs.  CHECK HERE.

ARRIVAL DATE: Friday, July 13th, 2018

DEPARTURE DATE: Sunday, July 15th, 2018


GROUP PLACEMENT: We have reserved the corner next to the restrooms and golf cart rental.  This is the same location as last year.

Golf Cart Rental:  We have arranged to rent 6 passenger golf carts for the price of a 4-person cart at Seaway ($14/hr).  We’ll need several for Saturdays activities and suggest we all pitch in to rent four or five carts.