Strategic Plan

VBC is the yacht/boat club of choice in the Lake Erie region.  We are “the place to be”, offering a family friendly, and casual, high value proposition.  Our members enjoy a relaxed social environment, power & sail boating opportunities beyond compare, and amenities that make them want to continue their membership and invite their friends to join.

VBC’s mission is to provide our members and guests enjoyment, relaxation and value as the club of choice on Lake Erie.


1.     Member Experience

Above all else, VBC exists to provide a superior experience to its members and guests.  We will build deep, long-term member relationships, by better understanding, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and latent member needs.  We will continually surprise our members and guests with knowledgeable, caring, and unhurried service and attention.

Supporting Goals & Objectives for 2016:

Welcoming Culture: Provide opportunities for new and established members to feel welcome in the club.

Core Database: Establish a “one stop” database of member information to streamline member communications, facilitate volunteerism, and better understand member needs and wants.

2.     Operational Excellence

To support the member experience, we will improve and leverage our systems and operations to achieve superior member satisfaction and membership retention.  Each and every trustee, officer, and employee will focus on the flow of value to our members and guests, and fix that flow before it breaks down.

Supporting Goals & Objectives for 2016:

Volunteer Culture:  Actively promote, encourage, and foster a culture where every member volunteers to make the club better – clean ups, maintenance, remodeling, decorating, Burgers by the Boats …

Special Projects Trustee:  Appoint one special projects trustee to focus on engaging new members and volunteer outreach.

Staff Initiative:  Under direction of the General Manager, the staff will identify and implement $20,000 bottom line improvement through efficiency and service revenue improvements.

3.     Continuous Improvement of the Value Proposition

We will incrementally improve our facilities, services, and amenities such that members and guests see and feel a better club every month and every year. Our focus is on incremental and continuous improvement over the “Big Bang or Quantum leap.  We seek to be a better club every week, every month, and every year.

Supporting Goals & Objectives for 2016:

Member Satisfaction Survey:  Conduct a member satisfaction survey to allow us to identify areas of improvement and address issues before they are a significant problem.

Continuous Improvement Schedule: Establish prioritized scheduled of club improvements to be implemented over a rolling three year period.

Innovation Along the Way: Foster, and implement cost effective innovative ideas for improvement in our facilities, services, and amenities.

4.     Financial Stewardship

Our officers, trustees, committees, and employees will shepherd the resources of Vermilion Boat Club to ensure a strong balance sheet, income statement, and reserves to fund the club’s future and continuing operations.

Supporting Goals & Objectives for 2016:

Chart of Accounts: Create and implement a revised chart of accounts that better reflects the operations of VBC and facilitates management and decision making. Build a budget and operate within it.

Timely Reporting: Insure that balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis is available for review and analysis in time for each VBC Board meeting, finance committee meeting, and the annual membership meeting.

Bequests and Gifts:  Establish a process by which members can provide gifts and bequests and the club can actively solicit gifts and bequests.